Prints & Products

I have established a relationship with an online professional printing lab that offers high quality, true-to-color prints. Prints are created with printers that expose light sensitive paper that is then run through a chemical process. They are real photographs, not inkjet prints. Pricing is below and includes shipping.

4x6 - $12
5x7 - $16
8x8 - $18
8x10 - $25
12x12 - $25
11x14 - $35
16x20 - $50
Wallets - $25 for 8

I recommend and print only lustre (slight gloss with a pearl like texture) for all print sizes. Note that most of these prints will require some cropping of the image. Many other sizes are available, contact me for pricing.

I am also an approved vendor for The Organic Bloom frames. Dozens of bright, bold colors - contact me to schedule a time to sit down and review your options!